Redwood Global Defense

Redwood Global has extensive experience in the Defense Contracting sector and has been successfully providing military construction and logistics services since 2003

Redwood Global is an international leader in products, services, and operations throughout the world for both military and civilian operations. Redwood Global is a U.S. company based in Washington D.C., with employees and offices in the US, Middle East, and Africa.

The U.S. Government projects division began in 2003 as contractors for the U.S military in the construction and operation of dining facilities in Iraq.

Since then, we have expanded into food service, material supplies, logistics, construction, life support services, and related operations.

Redwood Global’s business model utilizes an agile approach in order to meet and exceed customer expectations. Rather than being limited to the experience and skills of a defined group of experts, we tap a vast network of global talent to assemble the ideal team with the unique skills and regional experience suited to the task.

This hand-picked team is then supported by our extensive in-house expertise and further augmented by select subcontractors when beneficial to our customers. 

This approach provides a depth of experience, focus, and man-power that ensures smooth execution and quick course corrections in the face of unforeseeable circumstances. The result is dramatically lowered risk and increased capacity for contingency planning, flexibility, and rapid response.

Completed Projects

Five US Military DFAC Facilities (Mosul, Iraq) 2003-2004
Contract Amount: $41,200,000
-Subcontract to KBR

O&M Camp Muntheria, FOB Edge (Muntheria, Iraq) 2008
Contract Amount: $1,200,000
-Subcontract to Selrico Services Co

Kirkuk Pump Stations Project (Kirkuk, Iraq) 2005-2007
Contract Amount: $8,000,000

Major Contract Categories

Heavy Equipment Rental Contracts
Total ($25,920,852)

Labor Force Contracts
Total ($57,094,135)

Chemical Toilet Management Contracts
Total ($11,590,732)

Solid Waste Management Contracts
Total ($14,326,290)

DFAC Management
Total ($72,933,609)

Construction Contracts
Total (63,186,457)

USG Projects Management Team

REDWOOD GLOBAL is staffed with highly qualified professionals with numerous years of experience in the various operational areas of the company.

Joe Reeder
Legal Counsel

George Close
Major General US Army (Ret)

“Appreciate all that you and your team did to provide our soldiers great food in Iraq! It was a welcome improvement”
— David H. Petraeus, Major General

“These individuals do whatever it takes, sometimes with little to no notice, to show that Q-West and the Brigade are show cased in the proper manner. Their continued support is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed by the Brigade Staff and those many VIPs that have visited.”
David W. Osborne, SGM, USA, Brigade Operation Sergeants Major

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